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Don't Make that trip to town...

Altman's offers a full line of grocery items at competitive prices right out here in the country.   From bread, milk, eggs, flour & sugar to potato chips, soft drinks, light bulbs, and ice, Altman's Grocery Barn has what you need until your next trip to the supermarket. Also, don't forget our specialty items like old fashioned hoop cheese and Hershey's milkshakes & hand dipped ice cream.   See a partial listing of the grocery and general merchandise items we regularly stock below.


GroceriesGen. Merchandise
Specialty Items
Bread, Eggs, CheeseDog & Cat FoodsOld Fashioned Hoop Cheese

Milk, Juices, Water, Soft Drinks

Automotive Fluids (Oil, Antifreeze, etc.)
Hand Dipped Ice Cream & Milk Shakes
Sugar, Flour, Seasonings, SaucesLight Bulbs
Slushies, Fountain Drinks
Canned Vegetables & SoupsDish & Laundry Detergents
Old Fashioned Glass Bottle Drinks

Chips, Snack Foods, Candy, Gum

Household CleanersLeanin' Tree Greeting Cards For B-Days, Anniversaries, etc.
Pasta, MacaroniToiletry Items, Paper ProductsAltman's Grocery Barn T-Shirts
Sandwich MeatsCold Medicines, First Aid
Cereals (Hot & Cold)Light Hardware